Tuesday, September 4, 2012

We don't need no stikning badges!!!

Unless they are my Munchkin badges!!!  

Okay, I wish that I could take full credit for this but sadly I can not.  A terrific lady Wild Olive had this idea and I took her advice and made some.  
Take a peek at  how it looked as I made the spur of the moment decision.

What you can not see is my wild attempt to find safety pins. Why do you have hand fulls of them when not needed and when you need just one there are NONE to be found?!?!  We can ponder this later.
  I was reciting For Want of A Nail the whole time I searched until I remembered that your Hubby's laundered shirts will have safety pins that they used to attach the ticket.  

I probably did not go about this the most efficient way but you do what is best... 

Ta Da!!!!  
These are so sweet like my little Munchkins and I finished them in plenty of time to pick them up from school and dash off to the Yogurt shoppe for a "you survived your 1st week of school" treat ^_^

These guys were so excited to get these patches and were quickly attached to their backpack straps as soon as we made it out to the car. 

And today I  made one of my own badges for Pumpkin.  She signed the schools Good Book on friday and she will be pinning this onto her pack today after school.  The Good Book you ask?  It is a book that the principle has in her office that any student can sign anytime a teacher finds a student being a good friend/ student during the year.  They also get a special pencil and lunch with the Principle.  A great treat and with this badge maybe my other two Munchkins will be extra good students to earn theirs as well.

Just something new we started this year and I hope it will become a great tradition as the years to along ~ I wonder if we can carry this all the way to graduation ?!?!

We hope your little Loves have a terrific year!

P.S. Do not forget to visit Wild Olive to get some inspiration to make goodies for them!

Ja matta ne,
Little Mochi