Friday, June 18, 2010

Say Hello!

Last weekend the girls were able to see Eddie Coker in concert at the local city Library.  I know, what a silly place to have a wild and loud children s concert.  This is the second year that were have taken them and I had my fingers crossed that we could finish the entire concert this time.  What happened last year??!?!  Well.  My little Peanut was soo excited and got hot and well her lunch came to join the fun.  Yup!  She up chucked in the middle of a bunch of kids!  Thank goodness I had a plastic bag with me to catch most of it.  Nothing like making your way through a crowd after your little one has done something like that with the promise of more coming.  Talk about people jumping out of your way, it was like the Red Sea!

So this year we sat up front and I had a quick escape route to the restroom scoped out.  Hubby was with us and we are all set and so excited for this concert to start.

 Besides the one little tiff in the beginning, the girls had a blast and even Hubby got up and danced. Okay, the girls pulled him up ;)  Pumpkin loved it and finally got into the concert and was dancing and singing right when my batteries die and I did not have extra on me.  Silly woman I know! I have to say that I would not go completely crazy if we had this CD in the car the girls seemed to like Regina, Say Hello, and the Woo Woo Dance songs.  We almost made it to the end but their little tummies won ~ Pumpkin was starting to get a little bit cranky.

Before the music started we had the opportunity to meet Clifford the Big Red Dog, which Pumpkin just had to go and say hello. She even asked if I could take her picture with him and her sisters....
Her face as she is looking at Clifford just kills me!!!

So when you get a chance dance on over to Eddie Coker's website and do the Woo Woo dance.

Ja matta ne,
Little Mochi


  1. love the clifford picture. cute kidlins

  2. The Clifford picture is my fav from that day ;)

  3. I'm glad to hear that your little girl didn't upchuck this time around. That would've been a huge disappointment. That photo of your daughter looking up at Clifford is just too cute. Melts my heart!
    Thanks for stopping by Mochi mama. Hope you had a good week.

    Kristi, Live and Love...Out Loud