Friday, July 2, 2010

I glimpsed Heaven and it is BLUE!

Not sure about you guys but we have blueberries coming out of our ears and we are loving it!!!  Pumpkin loves to eat her little "baskets" so when we came home from the market we had 2 more pints to go with the 2 we already had at home.


First we picked through some to freeze for Hubby's shakes he makes.  Then we went to the bloggy world and came away with this gem from Confabulation in the Kitchen.  She had a posting for a Blueberry Cobbler and when the Munchkins glimpsed the photos they squealed with delight.  Mentally I chanted ....WHY NOT!?!?

Okay here is my attempt at this beautiful cobbler and fingers crossed that it is Yummy to boot.

Okay these are the berries that I was able to keep the girls from eating ;)  Pretty hun?!?!

Sorry I did not have beautiful step by step photos... I really need to practice photographing food when I am not hungry or when Hubby is trying to run off the the subjects ;)

K!  here goes

I have just hit the floor!!!  This IS some D _____ Good Nosh!  As you can tell I hated it! 

Do not pass Go or Collect 200 dollars go straight to  Confabulation in the Kitchen   for her recipe and the photos that tempted all the women in this house.

Oh! Just one note.... I cut the sugar in half, went a little over on the vanilla and amount of blueberries, and did not add the sugar cinnamon on top.

Ja  matta ne,
Little Mochi


  1. maybe I need to pick some blueberries this weekend...

  2. Blueberry cobbler is heaven on earth!