Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Sweets for the Sweets

No oven Holiday has been fun so far.  Here is just one of the little treats that the Munchkins and I made .  Samoa Bark from Cookies and Cups looked soooo yummy that I knew we had to try them.  
{Please visit her blog and find other yummy treats to eat}

We had to make one modification ~ NO Coconuts so I think this went from Samoa Bark to something similar to Twix bark ^_^

So here we are real quick on what we did to make this sinfully delicious sticky treat..

First grab little helpers to unwrap a whole bag of sweet carmels.  Watch that they do not sneak one or two ^_^

Find your favorite chocolate and melt about 12 oz ~ we used dark chocolate for our base of the bark

Pour out the chocolate into a aluminum lined cookie sheet then quickly place shortbread cookies into chocolate.  1 box of Lorna Doone should do it.  Place into the freezer to set chocolate.

Melt all those lovely caramels with about 2 tbs of water... be sure to not over heat or it will become to hard and brittle in finished treat.

With your little helpers direction smother the cookies with ooie gooie carmel.

Now you can drizzle additional chocolate on top or place cute little mini chocolate morsels {be sure that have clean little hands to help press them into the carmel}.

Place into the freezer to set carmel then take out and cut or break peices to your liking.  We stored ours in a Christmas tin in the fridge ~ dare you not to sneak a bite each time you see your festive tin!

We LOVED it!!!
We did find that using a  whole bag without the coconut was a bit too much. {we will eyeball it next time to see avoid too much sticky goodness on our cookies.}

This will most definetly be made again next year ^_^  

Ja matta ne,
Little Mochi

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  1. Can you ship those little helpers to help me?! I bet they would love to see their cousins :)