Thursday, February 2, 2012

Cooking Adventure : Yeasted Waffles

Hubby surprised me with a waffle maker  ~ is it sad when I get excited about getting a waffle iron out of the blue?!?!  
 This gift also fueled my obsession with food porn so off to Foodgawker to find a recipe for us to try.  One day I too , will have drool worthy photographs of my food until then I have the snapshots of food made while three hungry little girls stare at you with eyes screaming " Enough photos already Mommy!  I am hungry can I please have my plate?!?!!?

I finally decided to try the Yeasted waffle recipe and well I had a few hiccups with this.  Lesson learned when it calls for a big bowl it means a BIG bowl or else....
 Positive of this little batter explosion.... the go ahead to get some more bowls for my baking / cooking obsession ^_^

I went to bed after I cleaned up the mess with my fingers crossed the the batter will work its magic overnight and I will be able to surprise the Munchkins with light airy waffles.

Look at this lovely waffle!  I know it is not a perfect complete golden brown waffle ~but they come out so pretty and lacy that the girls love to see what shapes they can find

It will also serve as a great foundation for ham and eggs and Hubby will not feel guilty for eating another waffle since they are not heavy.

Have a great day and we hope that you will make these delicious waffles a try this weekend.

Ja matta ne,
Little Mochi

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