Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Yummy Nosh : Chocolate Eclair Cake

I was notified by Pumpkin that it was Buddy Bear's birthday which of course means a birthday party with CAKE ^_^.  With no oven an Ice Box cake was going to have to be it and with summer coming might not be a bad idea to try out a recipe to avoid the extra heat in the coming months.

Lets meet our main characters....

2 small {3.4 oz} French vanilla instant pudding
1 box of Graham crackers
3 Cups 2 % milk { whole milk is preferable and save the skim for your cereal}
8 oz Cool Whip Original
1 16 oz container chocolate frosting

Method... {sorry no photos with Spring Break and the Girls running around in the kitchen and my elbows in pudding did not want to risk dropping the camera}

1.  Grease a large pan with butter
2. Place a layer of crackers at the bottom
3. Mix the milk with the pudding for 2 minutes then fold in the Cool Whip
4.  Add half ish of the pudding mixture on the crackers
5.  Add another layer of crackers
6.  Pour in the rest of the pudding mixture on top of the second layer of crackers
7.  Top of with crackers
8.  Heat the frosting for 30 seconds in microwave then spread on the last layer of crackers going to the edges of the pan
9.  Cover and place into the fridge for at a minimum 4 hours {better the next day}

The Munchkins with the Birthday Bear  ^_^


Even Buddy Bear loved it! 
We hope you guys love this evil, I mean delicious creation.

Ja matta ne,
Little Mochi

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