Thursday, November 11, 2010


I {heart} copy books!  We have found poems and pearls of wisdom for the girls to practice penmanship and a tool for memorization.  Of course there is the generic stuff such as our address their full names and the like but we are on our second poem and they are having so much fun.  I had a very happy afternoon listening to music with the girls all around me at the table with their new poem.  {sorry no photos... I was enjoying their company too much to break the spell by finding the camera} Now I am going to find a way to work in more Japanese lessons we will see how that goes ;)   Pumpkin requested a peom about trees or leaves since they are falling and so pretty right now.  Here is what I decided on:

Little Elf

A little elf
Sat in a tree
Painting leaves
To throw at me.

Leaves of yellow
And leaves of red
Come tumbling down
About my head. 

The girls loved this poem and Squirt has it memorized after one run through with her worksheet, think she might need longer poems;)

Our make shift copybooks have used just the alphabet and numbers, proverbs, and poem pages. {coming soon Japanese}  To make worksheets  with practice lines for your little ones to visit Hand writting worksheets and watch their little faces light up when they can recite a lovely poem. 

Ja matta ne,
Little Mochi

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