Thursday, March 31, 2011

Red Velvet Cake

{Tina Cocalina Queen of the Cupcakes 
by Pablo Cartaya and Martin Howard}
This is one of Pumpkin's favorite books.  It is very sweet story with an even sweeter ending.... recipes to make all sorts of goodies ;)  She had some Red Velvet cake while away in FL over spring break and decided that she LOVES Red Velvet Cake and that we have to make some. 
She ran to the book case and brought out the book and said that there are instructions in here and could we PLEASE make some.

I know white knit sweeter around ALL of that dye but what are you gonna do?!?!

Pumpkin wanted to have some cupcakes AND a cake.

 For our first Red Velvet Cake {last attempt does not count since we had no red dye } it is a smashing success.  So much so Pumpkin has decided we should bake a cake once a month in a pattern.  Vanilla, Red Velvet, and chocolate  then repeat.

 Mmmmm!  So yummy even without the icing ;)

This is Pumpkin's little science lesson from our baking observation ~ vinegar and baking soda reaction.  
She had a blast adding more of either to see what would happen.

{science journal page of her experiment. spoon of vinegar + box of baking soda = bubbles}

Ja matta ne,
Little Mochi


  1. I'm going to find this book and get it for Belly! So cute!

    We did cakes on Share a Spoon today. Feel free to link up with us!

  2. looks good! You guys did a great job.