Thursday, March 24, 2011

A work of Art

 How to occupy three little girls at their Granddaddy's house after they have been running around all morning?!?!

Sit them down with pencils, paper, and a cat enjoying the audience.

 Meet Fanny, our model for the afternoon.

  I LOVE how they take most of my suggestions with some reluctance but once we get started they admit that they are having a fun.

Okay, enough staring and start scratching!!!

Our aspiring artist's vision.

My reluctant artist.  Pumpkin was working very hard to make it look JUST like Fanny.  

Squirt's interpretation of Fanny on a sunny day in Florida.

What is this you ask.  Well, it is a 'bed' for Fanny that our Pumpkin made for her at the bottom of the porch steps. ;)