Monday, August 1, 2011

Boredom Buster ~ Finger Knitting

The count down to the first day of school has begun but what to do with the girls until then?!?!?  It is summer and HOT here in Texas so indoor activities are a MUST.  Well we came up with knitting since they noticed my unused needles in my work basket.  Finger knitting is easy for little ones and cheap ~ all you need are their lovely little fingers and some yarn.  

Gotta love Youtube ;) This was the easiest for my little visual learners to understand but there are many out there some different than this but all resulting in the same little tubular chain.

 This is Pumpkin doing her best impersonation of a kitty  ;)

She was so happy to learn how to Knit ;)

 Squirt first to finish her lovely new scarf ;)

 Peanut encouraging her sisters ;)

 Pumpkin FINALLy done after having to start over a few times ~ fingers got caught in a huge knot o_o

Once I got them started they were off and having a blast ;)  Now the girls have TONS of new scarves to wear for the first day of school ~ nothing like showing off a bit of personality and your own craftsmanship at the same time.

  If you have any tips or ideas I am ALL ears ;)

Ja matta ne,
Little Mochi

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  1. these are great, I remember doing this as a child, love the results!