Monday, August 22, 2011

Day surgery looks like....

Hubby getting prepped for minor surgery ~ Little munchkins running around the bed asking what all the levers, wires, and tubes were for.  Pumpkin's major concern were shots.
A large book bag full of little activities for the girls to do. Our little rainbow in the waiting room made me smile :)

 Starbucks in the lobby was greatly appreciated while waiting and keeping up to date on Hubby's status with our fancy pager.

 A beautiful 2 story water fall in the lobby ~ the girls loved to look into the water and pretend to be mermaids.  While I was driven to madness by the constant need to visit the girls room  from the 'relaxing' water sound.

Hubby is on the mend and right now enjoying working from home.
We wish everyone a great week and a terrific new year for all the kiddos starting back to class today like our Munchkins.  { yup!  I cried sending little Pumpkin to Kinder}

Ja matta ne,
Little Mochi

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  1. all the best to your husband!! I hope he will get better soon :)
    school over here starts on the 1st of September, so there is still few days left :)