Thursday, May 31, 2012


Yesterday the girls mentioned to me that they had their photos taken by the librarian doing this {arms up like you are climbing a rope}. I was not worried too much since the librarian is the official photo taker at the school and I could always ask her about it when I went in to do my last  shift at the library. 

I come in this morning and the wonderful school librarian hands me an envelope and out comes......

 Thank You  for volunteering your time in the library.  I enjoyed "Hanging out" with you!  

BEST bookmarks EVAH!!!!

Mrs. School Librarian made my day today and now I have wonderful one of a kind bookmarks for my summer reading.

Ja matta ne,
Little Mochi


  1. How wonderful!!! I loved the library when I was a young girl and actually I still do!