Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Winner Winner! Chicken Dinner ^_^

Summer is beating on the door and with all the warm weather comes the desire to NOT be in the kitchen slaving over a stove.  Hubby and I decided that since our little brood of three girls can eat as much as three teenage football players we should try to grill a WHOLE chicken. Grilled Beer Can Chicken or  Beer Butt chicken has been something that I wanted to try out and the weather was perfect to uncover the grill and give it a go.  The biggest problem we had was deciding what type and how much beer to get ~ we were not able to buy just ONE so now we have a fridge full of beer ho hum ^_^. 

As usual I did not follow the recipe and kinda did our own thing....

Rinse and dry a whole chicken.  Sprinkle a little kosher salt all over, have Hubby drizzle olive oil as you turn chicken then rub in dry rub or herbs/spices to your liking. 

Drink about a third of beer out of the can.  At this point we went ahead and placed the chicken onto the can and carried it out to the grill.

 Place can with the chicken onto the grill and with indirect heat cook for about 30 minutes then turn 180 and cook another 45 minutes.  Now all good cooks would tell you to check with meat thermometer but we did not have one so we just made sure that the juices ran clear ~ in all honesty we after the second timer went off we just turned off the heat put the lid down and let the chicken wait out about another 10 minutes while I got the veggies all ready.

 This is our juicy golden brown chicken resting on the counter so I would not burn my fingers too badly while carving for our starving Munchkins.

This is definitely a keeper per our girls.  With the flexibility of this recipe to meet  several different combinations of seasoning and beer to try with it, I am sure it would be perfect for any family outing.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

Ja matta ne,
Little Mochi

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