Friday, September 10, 2010


It hit me  after seeing an old photo of Pumpkin that the days are turning into weeks and the weeks into months ~ time is flying by me in a frantic hectic blur

First I got really sad then I  remembered to BREATH and enjoy the little things in my happy little life.

little treasures we see on our walk to school 

Maybe I can slow down time and have a closer relationship with the girls if I remember NURTURE their interests in all things ....

 no matter how full my pockets are every morning with their little finds or silly I think them to be

And to be in the NOW no matter how messy, noisy,chatty, giggly, and wiggly it can get.

my girls as soon as we get home .... I would not trade this view for anything in the world!

What do you do to hit the PAUSE button in your life?

Ja matta ne,
Little Mochis


  1. Stopping by from New Friend Friday. Hello!
    Cute blog!
    My favorite time of the day is when I'm praying and cuddling with my boys before bedtime. It's absolutely precious!!!

  2. Hi,

    Very sweet blog! Cruised here from New Friend Friday at the Girl Creative Blog.

    The PAUSE button? What's that? I can't put my life on pause, wish I could but I have a child with special needs and he doesn't allow me to do that! BUT if I could, a relaxing time listening to birds and enjoying candles!
    Thanks for sharing your blog!


  3., cuddle my kats, nap, hug my husband, breath. Pauses are so important

    Happy New Friend Friday!

  4. I take pictures! that's my pause button. I sometimes,though, in the midst of something, will stop and take a deep breath and enjoy the view!