Thursday, September 30, 2010

Snails and Puppy Dogs tails....

Who said only little boys likes to play in the mud and with slimy snails?!?!?!  Pumpkin and I spotted this "Mommy" snail and just could not leave her on the sidewalk.  The whole time she was telling me all about how snails move and that they eat cabbage {The Cat in the Hat show is coming to be a little handy ;) }... then she asked where is the cabbage patch she is going to?!?   Pumpkin insisted that we bring her home to watch and show her sisters. I agreed on the condition that after her Daddy and Sisters saw the little gal we would let her go.

Here is Pumpkin with her very first Snail Terrarium

I just knew that saving ALL those jars would come in handy one day ;P See Cupcake {"Mommy" snails new name} 
in her new home?

A very happy Pumpkin :)

She had to decorate Cupcakes jar for her and make it pretty

What is the most recent "pet" that your little ones convinced you to keep?

Ja matta ne,
Little Mochi

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