Thursday, April 8, 2010

Flavicon On!

No, not a new Superpower but it is a new gadget thingy!  I am not the technical one in the house, Hubby is all over that one!  While hopping around the internet I found this lovely lady at Rocky Run Design.
She started a design company and as part of her Grand Opening Celebration she was giving away  a flavicon  for anyone that asked, up until a certain date of course.  So when I found out that I still had a few days to put my name in the hat I jumped on the opportunity.  I wake up this am to find her e mail in my in box... so nice to wake up to goodies. With her easy step by step instructions I even installed it myself, YAY me!

Okay, a flavicon is that little tiny picture next to your blog address , look up at the tab and you will see the bright orange B is replaced with my custom flavicon.  Like it?  Want one of your own?  Push the button and visit her.

Arigatō gozai masu Krista!!! 
Next mission: picture for profile and possible button for my site.

Ja matta ne,
Little Mochi

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