Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Say Helloooo to my Little Friend!

O. M. G. !  sorry channeled a teenage girl.  Take a look at this....

Has anyone seen or heard of The Biggest Loser?!?!  Well those guys have a Bodybugg and  so do I! A snazzy zebra version no less. One of the reasons for starting this blog, besides keeping the brain matter fit was to get the rest of me fit as well.  Hubby bought this to help me along with my painful adventure.  I just started using it on April 2nd and I am finding out that my plan has me on a 1500 calorie intake per day.  Aaaaaahhhhh! With a caloric burn of 2000 .... Gulp! I say to myself.... "Little Mochi! Nothing is impossible unless we think it so."   After the first few days I started to think back two, three months ago when Hubby started with his .... "I would NEVER weigh or measure out my food!"  Okay, I am now kinda eating my words!  Not measuring out my food (yet) but I am way more attentive to what I am eating and how much, so the little bugger is doing its job!

And check out this little guy!  I feel like I just visited Q and left with the coolest (do the kids still say that these days?!?) spy watch.  My little reader will tell me what my calorie burn, length of activity, how many steps I have taken, the time, and... it lights up! Oh, and Hubby has a code word he says if I mention that I would like a cookie... Little Polka Dot Bikini.

So what do you think?!? I can see myself in it! Nothing like positive visualization to put things into perspective:)  So with that I have started my journey of 1 million steps :)

Ja matta ne,
Little Mochi


  1. cool! I want one of those!

  2. You can visit 24hr Fitness gym/website to get the armband (actual Bodybugg) and then the digital display is the cool spy watch, and this guy is sold separately.