Friday, April 30, 2010

Hawaiian Adventure

I have been back about a week now from our little Mini Vacation to Hawaii. Pumpkin and I went down to help out my Little Sister welcome a new little addition to our family, a brand new niece.  I am still working on getting off Island time so I thought that I would send everyone on a quick Hawaiian adventure via pictures.... 

On the way up to the temple the mountains have all these little waterfalls.  These guys appear early in the am and after rain, which is almost all the time on this side of the island.

 Pumpkin building her "crab pool" on Ft. Hase beach. 

Visiting my old elementary school on base.

 Driving up to the gate we passed by the bay and island where they filmed the intro to Gilligan's Island. 

On our drive up the coast we passed by China man's Hat.  I really don't see the hat part but it was a still beautiful spot.

We were happy that some of the photos that I snapped out of the car window actually came out.  I still can not get over the water, so clear and inviting!

Pumpkin was very surprised to see cows, I fear she is under the impression they only roam in Texas.

I had little guy duty which reminded my back how painful it could be chasing after a very energetic and heavy 1 year old.

This little hole in the wall place in the mall parking lot is where we had THE BEST lunch.  Grilled Steak and Shrimp with rice (lovely sticky rice) and a salad.   Sorry no photos of the lunch but after running around that little guy all morning I was HUNGRY! 

Right outside of my sisters house is a HUGE Hawaiian Plumeria tree.  Every morning there was a heavenly scent from this guy and I am on a mission to see if I can talk Hubby into having on in our yard.

The last day there Pumpkin and I were able to have some time to go back to Ft. Hase beach and play in the surf before hopping on a plane to come home.

 Two weeks is the longest time I have ever spent away from Squirt and Peanut, and I would not want to do it again.  Pumpkin and I are so happy to be home, we missed Hubby, Squirt, and Peanut terribly!  And now I must start packing the whole family up for a weekend trip to Houston to celebrate a little cousins birthday!  I used to think that I would not want to be a Road Warrior, but this type of travel is something I might get used to.

Have a great weekend Everyone!

Ja matta ne,
Little Mochi


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