Thursday, May 20, 2010

I'm a BIG KID Now!

Wooo Hooo!!!  This weekend was a mini spending spree for us here at Little Mochi's.  Hubby and I finally broke down and bought a new bed.  This necessitated a trip to Bed Bath and Beyond since we went from a queen to a king size bed.  Here comes the Big Kid part.... I have a bed set that matches and is PRETTY!!!!  Yup!  Hubby actually said I could go ALL by myself, which is a gift in itself, and that I could buy whatever made ME happy.  Now, this store almost caused a divorce over bedding the last time Hubby and I went.  This is NO exaggeration, just ask my Mother in Love.  Our taste in decor for the house are like night and day, so when he uttered these words I was happy then terrified all at once.  I was trying not to show fear just in case he was one of those Pod people.

Okay here is my new bed... What do you think?
 I am happy with a set that is not pieced together with stuff given to us and what we bought.  Hubby actually admitted that the flowers were not bad.  Phew!  Maybe now he will give a bit more free reign when it comes to other decorating decisions, but we will not push it ;)

Now for the feel good part of this silly post...while in que a couple in front of me forgot a coupon and stated that she could really use one right now.  I just so happened to have three 20% coupons (thanks to the terrific mattress sales guy) in my bag and I gave one to her.  The look on her face and her husband's when I handed it to them was wonderful.  It made me very happy to make someone else happy and save them around 50 dollars.  Nothing like spreading a bit of happiness every chance we get ;)

Ja matta ne,
Little Mochi

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