Friday, May 7, 2010

Just another mis adventure

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While in Hawaii my sister dragged me kicking and screaming..... okay we were screaming for joy.... to a Japanese import store.  Pumpkin ran through the place picking everything up and declaring that we "needed" this and that which I would have gone along with  but we had limited space to bring items back with us :)

One of the finds that we stumbled upon were items for bento boxes, and I hit pay dirt!!  Okay I was soooo excited to get these little egg shaper thingy and well see how it went when we came home....

Look at how SIMPLE this is just 3 steps and you will have a little star or heart shaped hard boil egg for your munchkins lunch.

Okay, we have the shape Pumpkin wanted... and the egg....

We closed it up..... and waited a bit for good measure....

And voila!


They must have ginormous eggs in Japan!  My little "large" eggs just did not cut it... so we will get some JUMBO eggs and see if we fare better.  Any bento experts out there have any tips for me I would be sooooo grateful!  Pumpkin did not mind... said it "still tasted the same",  Bless her little heart! (Oh geez, I just channeled my Grandma)

Ja matta ne,
Little Mochi


  1. I LOVE Japanese import stores and am sad that I don't have any near me where I live now - they remind me so much of the 100yen stores in Japan. I have had many similar misadventures with japanese kitchen gadgets, so sadly I have no egg advice. Have a great day!

  2. Wait, what does it actually do?

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  4. If all goes well the egg when sliced in half will be either a heart or star shape that the little ones (or young at heart) can eat. Mine came out a weird deformed heart shape.

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