Monday, October 25, 2010

Class pet ~ NoT what you think ;)

 Meet Abs.  He is a leopard gecko and Peanut's Class pet.

Yup!  Suckered into watching the class pet over the weekend.  And the kicker ... I forgot we had him on Friday.  So we had to WALK home with a huge glass aquarium.  The whole time I was terrified that something in the tank was going to tip over and squish this little guy.  Saving grace.... Hubby was sweet talked into going with us to pick up the girls from school so we tag teamed carrying him all the way home :)

Peanut... aka lizard sitter extraordinaire!  She was so proud and happy to show him to her sisters and help them hold him and making sure that he was fed and such.

Squirt with Abs... I think he is trying to find an escape route :) 

Pumpkin is loving snuggles from Abs ;)

So proud of the Girls for taking such good care of Abs and surprising Mama by NOT being scared to hold him.  Quite the opposite.... we had to remind them to put him back into the tank after they each had two turns playing with him.

Ja matta ne,
Little Mochi

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