Monday, February 22, 2010

Mommy can I have a notepad,please ?!?!

I am not sure if our house is similar but we have TONS of  coloring pages that I printed all colored in  and recipes that did not make the Keeper stack overflowing everywhere.  So when I found this post I was screaming in my head... "why did I not think of THAT?!?!"  I have done the little nature books with construction paper and staples for the girls, which they loved so WHY NOT try this.  The girls love to write in little notebooks while in the car, MD office,shopping and at home when they feel a creative urge.  Target bargain bins used to be my go to for these notebooks but not any more, thanks to Steph at  To see her wonderful tutorial go here.

Here is how we did the project this morning at our house ....


Scrapbook paper (cover)
Scrap paper (filler)
Hole punch

Cut down your papers to the size notepad your little one requests... I did not measure and just eyeballed it.  Place pretty paper over the filler paper and fold in half then punch two holes on the top or on the side depending on how you would like yours to open, we opted for top.  Please decide prior to cutting papers how you would like yours to open.  Then feed your ribbon through and tie a "pretty" bow, trim and then use a match to seal the ends to prevent any fraying.  Easy peasy right?!?!  if not go here to see Steph's how to.

And as you can see Pumpkin just had to put her personal touch to her "new" notepad.  Squirt and Peanut will get their chance after they are done with homework today. 

So go find those colored coloring pages you spent hours finding and printing, partially used scrapbook paper and left over ribbon and get some whipped up for your kiddos today... takes just a few minutes and it would be a great surprise for them after their "nap" time or school :)

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