Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow in Dallas?!?!?!

Woke up on Thursday morning and checked the weather at trusty ole and it said "Snowing".  Of course I had my doubts so I opened the kitchen door and it was a glorious winter wonderland with softly falling snow!!!  I became a 10 year old in a matter of seconds!  The girls were excited and I felt bad for having to take them to school, but before they went in I made sure that they made a snowball and they immediately took aim at Mommy.  Pumpkin and I were a bit sad that the big girls were at school and I got it into my head to spring them out and come home to play with us.  So after a brief talk with Hubby he asked a question that decided the matter.... "who is going to get mad at you ? Mommy?"  Wait!  I am the MOMMY!  So I pulled out my handy dandy Mommy Card and checked them out of school amid knowing grins from all teachers that passed by.  I was so excited to get them home that I did not have any of that old anxiety of "am I doing the right thing?". How long are they going to be young?  How many more opportunities like this one are going to come around?  Of course I was doing the right thing!  As soon as we came home we threw the book bags in the mudroom got Pumpkin all bundled up and off we went to play!

Hubby was kind enough to come away from his work for a 5 minute break to take a few photos of us in yard. 

The morale of this story  is to take the time and enjoy your kiddos and your surroundings because both are fleeting and magical things.  Believe me I am a strong believer in education but not of perfect attendance. Squirt and Peanut have been working hard and come home with wonderful notes from their teachers and deserve a treat now and then that is not material.  I have made a promise to myself that the next time the weather is absolutely divine and a crime to stay in I will liberate them.  I am optimistic that taking the time to make wonderful memories and showing them that I love them will also help them with their conventional education.

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