Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Uptight Mommy be gone!

The other day Pumpkin, our vivacious four year old, was able to pick out whatever (I do mean whatever) she wanted to wear bearing in mind that it is still chilly outside and that we have plans to visit the library. She beamed her beautiful smile and then ran upstairs to get dressed. When she presented herself to me in the kitchen she was decked out in a Pink Princess costume, white stockings to " keep my legs warm Mommy", and a " crown please!".

Here is Pumpkin in her ensemble for the day. Also of note if she is not a Princess we always love seeing her sock choice.... her socks will not match on purpose :)

Now, if this was about 5 years ago and my little one comes down dressed like this to go out into PUBLIC I would have sent her straight up the stairs to change. I have FINALLY realized that when they find something that they like and makes them feel good and happy why NOT! So I have to say a big thank you to her for helping me with my continued practice with my Why Not attitude. I am just about cured of my stressed out and constant worry about what The Other Mommies think when they look at my kiddos. So the next time your little one requests or dresses themselves in something out of the "norm" just say WHY NOT?!?! They are dressed and happy what more could you ask for! And if they are NOT dressed appropriately for the weather the natural consequences from their choice will help them the next time they pick out their clothes. You will be surprised by how much fun you guys will have doing something as ordinary as grocery shopping or your trip to the library becomes a magical adventure hunting for dragons and fairies. Oh, and do not worry about the possible looks you will get from the Other Mommies you might encounter just think to yourself that they are just jealous of the fun you and your little ones are having ;)

Ja mata ne,
Little Mochi

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