Monday, February 1, 2010

Valentine Photo Fun

My Hubby chuckles every time I proclaim " I found a new website ...." and he did not disappoint when I bubbled with excitement about this fun and FREE photo editing website. Nothing beats the amazing things you can accomplish with Photoshop but I truly do not have the time or the patients to learn all the tools. I LOVE to take photos of my girls, puppy, just about anything so for those reasons I was on the hunt for something that is simple, fun, and free (free is for me!).

One of my adventures (Goals makes it sound like work so I decided to rename them to Adventures) is to take my photo interest to the next level. Not sure if I can call this MY photo project since we had to have Hubby take the photo. I know, I know... I am a Mommy and that it seems like I have four hands at times but this was just not one of those times. However the composition and editing was all ME :) Okay check out how easy this is ... I went to took a photo from my Picasa account and started playing.

Here is the final photo.

Love the hearts that each little hand made and the girls loved to see the final shot and finding which hands were theirs "look there is MY heart!"

Please have fun with and share your jazzed up photos.

Ja mata ne
Little Mochi

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