Friday, March 5, 2010

Bento box Little Mochi style

Squirt and Peanut have never had a school bought lunch and to keep them interested in their home made lunches I thought I could jazz things up with a Bento box.  I love the little bento box idea and I am short on cash so what is a girl to do?!?!  You use what you got and improvise, so here is my take on a Bento box.

Sandwich container + silicone liners = cute Bento!
We were using these containers already for their sandwiches since Squirt requested we do our part to help the landfills and I agreed to help our pocketbooks :)  The little butterfly silicone cupcake liners were found in the Dollar Section at Super Target and I am still on the hunt for some more!  The liners are the perfect height to fit in the sandwich container and when the lid is placed on the items do not fall out so nothing is touching that shouldn't.  I place a sandwich cut into little shapes, "sushi" as in the photo, chicken nuggets, or little onigiri (rice balls) in the larger section and we use the liners to hold their fruit and treat.  Pumpkin usually requests what her older sisters have for lunch, which makes it easy on me.  All she has to do is open the fridge at lunchtime and it is all ready.  Now how easy is that?!?!

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  1. Your such a good mommy! I love this idea of the Bento Box!