Monday, March 29, 2010

Little Mochi Family

My second embroidery project is done, all that is missing is a frame!  While hopping around some crafty blogs I noticed a family done in embroidery and I thought , insert thought bubble here," I can do that!"  The following week I set out to do a Little Mochi style person and included our fuzzy four legged babies.  With this project I decided to go with my Awesome stick figure-ish  people.  It took a day to sketch out the people on paper and then it took another day or so to get the doggies to come out just right.  Once my creative consultants were happy with their dress design, I traced the whole thing onto muslin.  A little trick if you do not have a light box, tape the sketch to a sunny window with the fabric on top and voila! Now that  the hard part is over on to the easy part, the embroidery. The girls loved having a say in the colors used.  I am happy with the outcome and Hubby provided his standard "that's cute".  I love that we are all holding hands and I even stitched on wedding bands for Hubby and I. Silly, right?!!?

This project proved that I finally stumbled upon something challenging and fun to do while the munchkins are dreaming of castles,unicorns and pixie dust.  I just might do one for my sister and her little family, now how to draw a uniform and baby?!?!? (see, challenging!)

Ja matta ne,
Little Mochi

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