Monday, March 8, 2010

A Messy Kitchen is a Happy Kitchen

 "Mommy Can I heeellllp?!!?"  Is what I hear every night when I start dinner.  This is music to my ears and I have finally gotten to the point that I do not go bananas with the mess or the inconsistent size of the chopped veggie.  I have grown to love this family activity, especially when we get all covered in flour!

The best three dollars I have ever spent was on this little beauty, My Safe Cutter from Pampered Chef .  The girls are able to help me chop veggies while I am doing the meat and all the while we are chit chatting and dancing to the music in the background.

I can go on and on about the wonderful benefits of cooking with your children in regards to their education ,Sneaky Teacher time, but what I love about it is that you see their little personalities in they way they approach the task, sisterly compassion with the turn taking and encouragement they show each other, and just the fun that we are having in that moment.

Oh, and the pride they show when the task is done and dinner is served is Priceless!  So Why Not have the kiddos get in there and do some chopping and mixing.  I promise the mess that is created is short lived but the memories of making it will be forever with your Munchkins.  
Ja matta ne,
Little Mochi

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  1. That is so true... and so awesome!!! My daughter loves it when I let her help me in the kitchen... I need to do that more! :)