Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Not your everyday salad

I am very excited to be posting my first recipe on my blog and thought it would be fitting for it to be a favorite of mine that I have finally got up the nerve to make on my own.  So here goes hope you like it .....

   Your cast of merry characters

Now this is Salted Seaweed Stems you will be able to find this in an Asian market near you... the brand I picked up is Korean but seaweed stems are seaweed stems, right?!?!?  Following directions when it comes to cooking is not something I do very well but believe me when I say that rinsing the stems three to four times then soaking then overnight in the fridge is the way to go. The next day rinse it again and drain well.  Cut the strands if they are too long or thick.  I personally skipped this step.

Konyaku is made from Yam and very very Yummy.  Oh, and there are ZERO calories in this stuff it is my new best friend!  Slice this into thin slivers.  Just a hint to save time use the noodles.  It will smell fishy but have NO fear just take some salt and wash the konyaku with it.  Yes, pour some on, rub it, rinse, and repeat.  It really will with the scent.  Another one of those hints that only Mom could provide!

Now that was the hardest part...

Get the cast together by the stove top and heat the oil in a pan and then cook the konyaku for about 3 minutes on med to high heat then add the stems and all the other ingredients.  Easy right?!  Stir this frequently and keep going until the liquid is all evaporated.  Place into a container, chill and enjoy ;)

Phew!  Think that does it, hope you go out there and try this or another dish you were always scared to try.

Do one thing everyday that scares you. ~ Elenore Roosevelt

Okinawan Seaweed Salad
By Littlemochis.blogspot.com

1 pkg Seaweed Stems
2 tbs Salad Oil   (any mild oil like Canola will work)
1 pkg Konyaku (noodles or cake)
¼ cup Soy Sauce
2 tbs Mirin (Japanese Sweet Rice Wine)
2 tbs Sake
2 tbs Sugar
¼ tsp dashi-no-moto (soup base granules)

Optional add ins :
1 6 oz pkg Gobo tempura fish cake slivered
10 oz Tofu (firm and well drained)

Rinse seaweed stems several times and soak overnight.  Next day rinse very well and drain. 

In a large skillet, heat the oil.  Saute seaweed stems, fish cake, and konyaku for 3 minutes.  Add remaining ingredients; except tofu.  Cook on medium heat, stirring frequently, until liquid evaporates.  Chill.  Cut tofu into strips and add to salad; toss lightly. 

6 small servings

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  1. My mouth is watering just reading...thanks sissy!